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If you have any suggestions on subjects that are important to you in your planning process, send us a comment and we’ll do the research.

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Cocoa Beach Weddings - Florida Weddings

Cocoa Beach Weddings on the beautiful Atlantic Ocean!  The proximity to Orlando and Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and SeaWorld makes for a perfect day trip, then back to Orlando for a “Magical” honeymoon.

Cocoa Beach on the Atlantic Ocean in Central Florida is a perfect spot for a Florida Beach Wedding. With seventy-two miles of gorgeous Atlantic shoreline, Cocoa Beach is the favorite among American and International travelers alike. The proximity of Cocoa Beach to Orlando and their three major amusement parks, including Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and SeaWorld, makes for the perfect day trip. May we suggest a destination beach wedding with a short ride to your dream Disney honeymoon?!

cocoa beach weddings

These beaches provide for an out-of-this-world family vacation, ranging from popular and lively to private and hidden. Cocoa Beach has so many other things to offer as well, such as hiking in the many nature preserves to discovering the secrets of space with its close proximity to Kennedy Space Center.  And don’t forget about the world-famous Cocoa Beach Pier.

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Wedding Photographers and Officiants --- Now Play Nice!

Wedding Photographers and Officiants are a staple of any wedding celebration – the civil officer who performs acts of marriage, civil union or commitment, and the creative mind that captures all the close and intimate moments. As you are envisioning your wedding day, would you ever imagine that there would be problem that arises between your Wedding Photographer and the Officiant?  Us neither…so we were so surprised when we caught this clip while watching our favorite morning show –


wedding minister officiant

As you watch it, you can’t help to feel sorry for the bride and groom…it was very uncomfortable and awkward. So can you imagine being there? Obviously, there was a lack of communication before the Ceremony on what was going to take place and when. You never want to have this type of alter-cation to happen, especially dab in the middle of your very special day. That’s why it is so important to ensure that all parties that are partaking in your wedding are kept adequately briefed.

Without clear instructions, you could end up like this bride and groom…shocked! It’s always good to review with your Minister the plan for the day – the wedding format. This is best done at the Wedding Rehearsal. We noticed that this is an outdoor lake or garden wedding. These types of events, which we specialize in, tend to be more relaxed. Make sure you Minister is OK with that. Sometimes marrying outside of a church can be a sore spot as is…just make sure your Officiant is relaxed as well and is accepting.

A little bit of planning and communication between the minister, photographers and couple might have helped avoid this whole mess – don’t leave out any details when you are preparing for your special day, because there are no take-twos!

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Engaged for the Holidays

Did you get engaged this holiday season?

…because an engagement ring is always a perfect gift!

 ABC News had it right – ‘Tis the Season to get engaged!  

Amongst all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we managed to fit in some special time with our families and friends.  It’s always so touching to watch the children as they open their presents, eyes as wide as the saucers that held the cups of eggnog and freshly baked cookies.  And most of us know that Christmas is the holiday for children, with images of a jolly fat man who ventures out once a year to spread joy to those small humans that have managed to be good all year.

But what about us, the big humans?  Yes, I will admit that receiving a gift once in a while puts a BIG smile on my face, especially when it’s thought-out and personal.  And yes, especially when it glitters and has a clarity rating of F to IF!  I’m sure there were many a ladies that were singing under their breath “it could only be Jarod!”

The happy holiday season is one of the most popular times of the year to pop the question to your loved one. If you were one of the lucky ones that received an engagement ring and were proposed to under the mistletoe, we say congratulations!  Now what?!  You’re planning the wedding as we speak, I suppose.  Grandiose to simple…many decisions have to made…and it can be overwhelming. How many guests, what venue should we choose, who will officiate, what’s my theme?  Do I dare wear WHITE!?!

Of course you prefer the beach to the snow (sorry…we’re a little biased!) May we suggest an easy alternative…the Destination Wedding on one of the brilliant beaches of Florida?  Beach Weddings are hugely popular because they are simple to plan, and simply beautiful.  Better Together Weddings offers all-inclusive, package-based wedding solutions – you decide what decorations and extras are important to you, which beach community has caught your eye, and, most importantly, what date you should choose.  Fill out the reservation form, pick your all-inclusive package and secure your date with a small deposit and you’re done. You simply show up…and the beach will be ready for you when you arrive on your special day.

It is said that nearly 26 percent of all engagements happen over the holiday season, in perfect time to book your spring destination wedding getaway.  Secure your wedding date now…spring break is the most popular and book quickly!  Here’s a link to our reservation form…see you at the beach!

Click here for our RESERVATION FORM 

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Who are we? Our Story...

Who are we?  We are Better Together Weddings – and here is our story!

We are experienced beach wedding planners – five seasons and over five-hundred ceremonies later, we have it down! But you might say our company looks new…only new to this area – we’ve been doing this a long time! Read on…

My name is Brent, and I am the founder of Better Together Weddings and the Two Hearts Events© network. About five years ago, I began my wedding planning journey with a highly successful beach wedding company in northeast Florida. I knew nothing when I stepped out on the beach to do my first ceremony. But I quickly picked it up, and my love of weddings began.

For the next five years, I did everything that you can possibly imagine when it comes to this business, from photographing ceremonies and editing photos to officiating to décor setup to client services. I took over the administrative aspects, creating contract templates and informational documents, designed new setups, simplified processes, created website pages and worked with couples one-on-one up to their wedding day.

Now I bring all this experience to you. Many couples have reviewed my work during my tenure at my last beach wedding company, and mention me by name. You can read some of those reviews HERE!

Our hard work led to us opening two more beach wedding companies in the last two years. Although we are not part of that network anymore, we still have all the knowledge gained from those experiences and we bring that professionalism to the planning of your wedding with us.

We know it’s hard committing to a company that is new, with few reviews and events associated with them, that you choose over the Internet. But as we said before, we are only new to this area – we are now serving Cocoa Beach, Daytona Beach, Clearwater / St. Pete, and the greater Orlando area for our new lake wedding division.

If you have reservations – call us!  We want to speak to you in person, answer any questions you may have and put your mind at ease. You will see from the first moment you contact us that we have only your best interests at heart – to bring you the ceremony that you have always dreamed about having. We can provide references upon request. You will not be disappointed – we are your premier Florida destination beach and lake wedding specialists!

Thanks for listening, and see you at the beach!!



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The Perfect Beach Wedding Dress

Trying to find the perfect Beach Wedding Dress? We’ve gathered some information to assist you in finding that perfect dress for a beach wedding on our beautiful shores of the Florida coastline.

This has been an amazing couple of weeks for Better Together Weddings as we hosted a gorgeous Florida gay wedding in Orlando under the palm trees at Lake Eola in celebration of the Supreme Court rulings regarding Marriage Equality. The rally was inspiring, and the ceremony was just beautiful.

But with all the things that we love about a male gay wedding, the one thing that was missing that you get with having a bride is the reaction you have to the wedding dress. The moment a bride comes into view, and the groom and all the guests see the beauty in white…it makes a Florida beach wedding so special.  Maybe it’s the delicate fabric as it glistens in the sun, so near the crashing of the waves, or as it trails across the edge of the sand…there is just something magical about it.


Rain on your Wedding Day

There’s rain on your wedding day… my day is ruined!  Absolutely not!

It really is like they say…for better or for worse. Along with the gorgeous sunny weather that we experience in the Central Florida region that works so well with our ceremonies comes with it the tropical climate patterns, which can sometimes mean, yes, rain on your wedding day.  But rain doesn’t have to ruin what will be the most special day of your life.  Your Florida beach wedding can still go off without a hitch…and here’s how.


Supreme Court and Gay Marriage

The Supreme Court has made their decision on gay marriage, and it is amazing!

With the historic Supreme Court decision that came down just a few minutes ago allowing all people to wed the person of their choice, Better Together Weddings is preparing the final touches for the Ceremony of Rene Cotto & Frederick Lewis, our first gay Commitment Ceremony to be held in Orlando at Lake Eola at 6pm tomorrow evening and will coincide with the Marriage Equality Rally being held at the lake’s Bandshell.

In addition to being a sponsor of the rally, we will be performing this complimentary Commitment Ceremony to the couple during the rally as we thought it a perfect match, as we are avid supporters of marriage equality and the repeal of DOMA.


Marriage Equality Rally

We here at Better Together Weddings embrace all kinds of love and welcome all who want to affirm their love and commitment to one another with a beautiful Florida beach or garden ceremony. As such, Better Together Weddings is a proud sponsor of the Marriage Equality Rally that will be held at Lake Eola in downtown Orlando on June 27, 2013. We will be attending the event and providing five gay couples a complimentary commitment ceremony in front of one of our beautiful wedding arbors.