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Wedding Information

Two Hearts Better Together Weddings loves hearing from our couples.
However, with a few hundred couples a year, this makes for a lot of phone calls and emails. We have invested a lot of time on our website – the Step-by-Step Planning, FAQs and all of our informative pages so that you can have all of the information at your fingertips. Much of the following might be repetitive, but we wanted to include it again so you can be sure to have it.

Please review the information below for answers to many of your questions. If you have questions that aren’t answered below, please feel free to contact us. Also, make sure that with all correspondence you include your names and your wedding date.

We hope this is helpful and informative. Thank you!


We are a “Beach Wedding Service” that specializes in Fun, Unique, Affordable and Stress-free Beach Wedding Packages!

Where are you located?
Our home office is located in Davenport, Florida – just south of Orlando and only five minutes from Walt Disney World. We service many areas, from Palm Coast to Satellite Beach on the Atlantic Ocean side – through Central Florida and Orlando – to the Gulf Coast beach communities of Tampa, St. Pete, Sarasota and Anna Maria Island.

Due to the busy nature of our business, we are rarely in the office – it is difficult to catch us and hard for us to make appointments to meet you. We invite you to come out to any of the weddings that take place…we can coordinate dates and times for you to come see us in action! This is the best way to meet us prior to your wedding.

Unfortunately, we cannot allow any decorations other than ours to be used due to liability insurance restrictions. This insurance is not valid on other decorations brought to the wedding. This does not apply to wedding bouquets, wedding supplies (such as ring bearer chests or flower girl baskets, or other items that may be used in the ceremony.) This solely applies to actual decorations that are to be used on the beach.

Also, we are often asked if we can set up “third party” supplies that are brought to our weddings, such as chairs or tents. Two Hearts Better Together Weddings cannot handle any decorations or supplies that are not our own. There are no exceptions.

**** Do not bring anything to the beach that is not biodegradable**** – NO silk rose petals!

If we are contracted to do just the Officiating and/or photography (no package is selected) and you provide your own decorations, you must comply with the same rules and regulations for the beach or we cannot provide our services.

We provide an Officiant with all of our packages. Our Officiants perform over 200 weddings a year, and are terrific at what they do. The Officiants of Two Hearts Better Together Weddings are licensed notaries and/or Ordained Reverends and can legally perform weddings throughout the state. We provide male or female Officiants.

We try very hard to accommodate your requests; however, please be aware that we cannot guarantee who will be performing your wedding. Also, please be aware that the Unity Heart of Glass and Blessing Stones are a part of our trademarked ceremony. If you have your own Officiant, these items will not be provided to you.

Our Officiants wear outfits that are appropriate for your wedding. They are normally dressed in shirts and dress slacks. Please keep in mind that our Officiants must wear clothes that are comfortable for the heat. For this reason, we cannot take requests for our Officiants to be in suits or other outfits that would be too hot.

Our Officiants are unable to purchase clothing specific for your wedding. We will consider requests for a certain color, if the Officiant has an outfit in the color your requested.

Our Officiants are unable to purchase clothing specific for your wedding. We will consider requests for a certain color, if the Officiant has an outfit in the color your requested.




Can we bring our own Officiant?

Certainly, as long as he/she is Ordained and/or a Notary of the State of Florida. If you use your own Officiant, we cannot release our verses for the Unity Heart of Glass or Blessing Stones. We will deduct $75.00 from the package you choose.

Can we get married at the location where we are staying?

Yes, as long as you obtain permission from the hotel/condo/house manager. Please be sure to ask if there are any additional fees for the use of the beach for the wedding.
The couple is responsible for any “fees” that may be charged.

Are rehearsals included?

No. There is an additional fee of $250.00. Unless you have more than four (4) attendants on each side, it usually isn’t necessary as someone from our company (if we are Officiating) will be there the day of your wedding to instruct everyone as to what to do. (Rehearsal fee may be higher for out-of-area weddings.) Also, please note that due to our limited availability, rehearsals must be scheduled at a time that is convenient for our company and paid for at time of booking. Please call us to find out our availability for rehearsals. We will not perform rehearsals later than two hours before sunset.

**Note** – If you have your own Officiant, it is his or her responsibility to conduct their own ceremony and instruct all parties as to what to do. If you hire a Wedding Day Director through our company, we will work in conjunction with your Officiant. You must send us via email or regular mail a Ceremony Format no later than 14 days prior to the wedding. This also applies to weddings with your own Officiant and we are doing the music. We need to know when to play the music according to your Officiant’s Ceremony. Our employees are used to our unique Trademarked ceremony.

What happens if it rains?

Although we suggest “Positive Thinking”, we also recommend a backup plan. There is a link to Wedding Insurance on our “Links” page. It is the responsibility of the couple to have a “backup” location in case of inclement weather.

If you are having a reception, the ceremony can be moved to that location. Also, if you have only a few guests and minimal setup, it can be “postponed” until the next day if we have availability. We also recommend asking your hotel if you can put a “meeting” or “banquet” room on hold. The couple makes the final decision.
We are not responsible for the weather.

Why do we have to find our own backup location? Why don’t you handle this?

We service so many different areas that it is impossible for us to have backup locations in every area. Also, many backup locations need to be paid for. For these reasons, we allow the couple to make the decision as to their backup plan.

Do you pick the location for the ceremony or do we? Is the a beach permit fee?

The location is your choice. We go to County/ State Parks, hotels, condos and beach houses. There is an additional travel fee for “out of the area”. The fee is based upon the services requested and the distance needed to travel. Some of the locations do charge a fee for the use of the beach as well as a “Special Use Permit”…these fees are NOT included in any of the Sun and Sea Beach Wedding Packages. If you choose one of these locations for your wedding, you must send in the permit fee at the time of booking with a separate check and we will mail it in with the permit application, or you will be sent a link with information to obtain a permit depending on the area.

Please CLICK HERE for some of the available beach locations, and CLICK HERE for information about permits and fees.

Will there be people on the beach?

Yes. All beaches in the State of Florida are public beaches. We cannot rope off any part of the beach. There are certain times of the year when the beaches have more beach-goers than other times. Even “in season” families are usually beginning to “pack up” and leave the beach around 4:00 p.m. Generally around sunset, there are only a few couples going for a stroll along the beach. Many of them may watch from a distance. In all of the weddings we’ve done, we haven’t had any interference from beach-goers.

Can we write our own vows?

Yes, we encourage couples to be creative. We also include in this package a selection of different wedding/ring vows to choose from. When couples write their own vows, we suggest using “Message in a Bottle Vows.” When you write your own vows to one another, they are very personal and do not sound right being repeated after an Officiant. When you add on “Message in a Bottle Vows”, we place your vows on parchment or tropical paper and place them in bottles by your feet. When it is time to say your vows, we have you take them from the bottle. “Message in a Bottle Vows” are an additional $30.00, and you get to keep the bottles along with a keepsake copy of your vows. Please send your vows to us at least two (2) weeks prior to your wedding. If you do not add “Message in a Bottle Vows”, then your vows will be repeated after the Officiant. Beachside/Oceanside vows are read to each other and not repeated after the Officiant. We prefer to receive your vows via email.

Can we have someone read a poem, sing a song, or say a prayer?

Yes. You can have a friend/family member read a poem, sing, or lead a prayer. We just ask that you tell us at least two (2) weeks before your wedding so that we can incorporate them into your ceremony.

Who takes the photographs?

All of our packages include photos by “our” photographers. We have many couples ask if they are “professional.” No, they are “free-lance” and shoot for Two Hearts Better Together Weddings only. All of the photographs on our website have been taken by our photographers. They use “professional grade” digital cameras.

Although we take several other shots, we will pick the best photographs from the collection. As with professional photographers, we do not guarantee that you will receive every picture that we take. If there are specific poses that you will want, please let us know prior to the development of your photos. Knowing ahead of time what photos are important to you will help us make sure that you receive the ones you want.

We strive to provide our clients with quality photos… however weather conditions may affect the outcome. If you are scheduled for a sunset wedding and arrive more than 15 minutes late, we may not be able to take the amount of photos included with your package… there will be no adjustment on costs.

When will we get our photos?

Photos are generally edited and uploaded to your online gallery within three to four weeks after your ceremony, a week or so longer if you include reception photography or during our busy season.

Once your photos are edited and ready, we will email you a link and instructions to download your photos directly to your computer. By clicking on the link, you will download a .zip file of all of your photos that are included with your package.

You may also receive ALL of your edited photos from your wedding day for an additional $100…please email your wedding coordinator to place the order.

Additional photos may be purchased on our online ordering page.

Please note: if you would rather have a photo CD of your photos instead of using the link, we can provide one upon your request. Please let your wedding coordinator know that you would prefer to receive a CD rather than the link.

Can we pick our photos up before we leave town?

Due to the extremely busy nature of our business, we are frequently out of the office. Therefore, we do not meet to deliver photos. All photos are sent to you once they have been edited.

We are having a reception back home. How soon can we receive our photos?

We get this question a lot. We will do our best to get your photographs to you as soon as possible and will make a note in your file that you need them early. Please keep in mind that we often have several brides requesting this at the same time and so it isn’t always possible. Also, we can’t be responsible for how long the United States Postal Service may take to get them to you if you choose to receive your photos on a CD rather than via the link sent to you by email. We will do our best, but no promises.

Can we provide our own photographer?

Yes. You can hire a professional photographer.

If you hire an outside photographer:
we will deduct our fee from the cost of the package. (In order for this fee to be removed, we must know at least fourteen (14) days prior to your wedding that you are having your own photographer. If you hire someone else as your main photographer and our photographer shows up on the day of your wedding, there will be no money refunded and no photos taken by our photographer.) Also note that if you hire another photographer, we still retain the right to take photos for our purposes. Make sure the other photographer is aware of this.

If you hire both us and a professional photographer:
your hired photographer will be running the show! We will act as a secondary photographer and take shots around your hired photographer so not to interfere in his/her work. Also, remember all Florida beaches are public and there will be other people on the beach and in the water. Most people are very respectful of you and your wedding. Some photographers try to move these people out of the way. We cannot allow this to happen.

Do you provide music?

Unless included with one of our packages, all music is À la carte. The fee is $75.00. We will play mood music prior to the ceremony, the processional and recessional, and music while the photographs are being taken. We can also recommend “live” music from a harpist, violinist, bagpiper, guitarist, steel drummer, etc. – please see our “Resources” tab on our website.

When you have music, you are asked for three song choices when filling out this wedding information sheet: the song played for the processional bridal party, the song for the processional bride and her escort, and the song for the recessional. Mood music will be played and is chosen by Sun and Sea, but you can choose from five different genres: Pop, Reggae, R&B, Country or Classical.

Can we bring our own music or CD player?

We do not allow you to bring your own CD player/music system. When you add music as an À la carte item or it is included with your package, we provide the amplifier, music on ipod, and a staff member of Two Hearts Better Together Weddings to run the music. Our staff member knows what songs to play and exactly when to play them per your instructions that you will detail on this wedding information sheet. It flows more smoothly this way.

You are more than welcome to email us songs in .mp3 format that you would like played, but you will still need to add music as an À la carte. We ask that you send the music to us a minimum of fourteen (14) days prior to your wedding, and preferably noted in the music section at the beginning of this document.

Do you provide chairs?

Yes, we do have chairs available on the À la carte list. Chairs are only included in our Seaside Kisses package. Keep in mind that most of the guests will have a camera or camcorder in hand and do not sit in the chairs provided. We do not recommend a chair for each guest. You might want to consider only having chairs for the immediate family, elderly, or guests with health issues. We can provide up to 70 chairs maximum.
If you need more than that, you must contact a chair rental company. Keep in mind that if you use a chair rental company, they are responsible for the delivery, set up, and taking down of the chairs. We cannot handle other vendor’s supplies.

How do I get a marriage license?

Florida residents have a waiting period of 3 days. But for brides and grooms of Two Hearts Better Together Weddings that live outside of Florida, the state has simplified the process by eliminating the waiting period. Out-of-state residents can obtain a license the same day – they just have to make sure they arrive in time to visit the courthouse during regular working hours, which is Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Couples can obtain a license from any county in the State of Florida. For Georgia weddings, the license must be obtained in the same county as the location of the ceremony. Both the bride and groom must apply in person, together at the Clerk of the Court. Both must be 18, or have a parent with them to sign consent, and both must have a valid (not expired) State issued photo ID (driver’s license). If either the bride or groom has been divorced within the past six months, they must bring a copy of their divorce decree. If it has been more than six months, the clerk will want to know the County/ State and date the divorce was finalized. Of course there is a fee – $93.50 for Florida, and in Georgia is varies by county…but no blood tests!

Here is a link to a complete list of the Florida Clerk of Court Offices –
Florida Clerk of Courts Offices

Just in case we missed anything –
Click Here for State of Florida Marriage License Info
Click Here for State of Georgia Marriage License Info

Why can’t you get my marriage license for me?

Florida law requires that the couple appear together in person. For this reason, we are unable to handle this for you.

Is there any way for us to apply for a marriage license before arriving in Florida?

Yes. Check out this service that does it for you, for a fee of course – Click Here

What happens to the license after the ceremony?

The license is then brought to the ceremony and the Officiant for Two Hearts Better Together Weddings takes it with him/her, signs it, and mails the marriage license back to the court for you. The Clerk’s office will then mail you a certified copy. This can take anywhere from one (1) to four (4) weeks. Please do not call or email us and ask us when the license will arrive. If you have questions about this, you will need to call the Marriage License Department where you applied.

Can we turn the marriage license back in?

We ask that you allow us to mail the marriage license back to the court. Marriage licenses are only valid for ten (10) days after your ceremony and they need to be handled immediately. We find that couples generally have so much on their minds when they first get married that it is best for us to handle this. In rare cases, such as with our military and international couples, we will allow them to turn it in themselves. We are not responsible if you choose to handle it yourself.

What happens if we have to postpone?

Any deposits/payments will be applied to your new date. Deposits/payments are applicable for up to one (1) year from the originally-scheduled ceremony. After that, a new deposit and service agreement are needed. If you need to reschedule, please call us for date and time availability.

What happens if we have to cancel?

ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. If you paid in full at the time of booking, and you cancel two weeks prior to your scheduled wedding date, you will be refunded the difference minus the appropriate deposit minus any other costs incurred.

Do you handle the reception?

No, we do not handle receptions. Our top priority is your beach wedding ceremony. We want to make sure that your wedding is perfect. We have a list of some of our favorite reception sites on the resources page of our website.

Do you offer a cake cutting or champagne toast on the beach?
Can we bring our own cake?

We now offer a cake cutting ceremony and champagne toast as well. If you decide to bring your own cake, we will provide a $25 dollar credit to the package.

Can we bring our own champagne and toasting glasses?

Many beaches in Florida do not allow alcohol, and none of them allow glass on the beach. A lot of beaches are patrolled by the police and you may get in trouble if you bring alcohol. We are not responsible if you bring these items. We are able to get away with providing champagne for the champagne toast, but continuous alcohol consumption would not be allowed.

Referrals: Please visit our resources page on our website for referrals – Click Here
Two Hearts Better Together Weddings

Two Hearts Better Together Weddings is honored to be sharing in your special day. Often we are asked to explain what will happen on your wedding day. Please review the information below before calling or emailing us with questions. If you do not find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us.

What Happens the Day of Our Wedding

Approximately an hour to two hours before your wedding we will arrive to set up. (Please note that we cannot give you an exact time when we will be setting up.)

No Bridal Party – Don’t Mind if the Groom Sees You Prior to the Wedding

If you have no bridal party, and do not require a processional, the two of you and your guests can simply come down to the beach a few minutes prior to the start time that is listed on your contract. We will then perform your ceremony which is approximately 15 to 18 minutes long. After that, we will take your photos.
The entire wedding will take around an hour.

Bridal Party or Wish for the Groom Not to See You Prior to the Wedding

If you are having a bridal party, or wish for your groom not to see you prior to the wedding, your day will go as follows:

Your groom, best man, and guests will need to be down at the set up at least 30 minutes prior to the wedding.

We will meet the bride and bridal party up in a pre-determined location approximately 15 minutes prior to the wedding. We will then line you up and give you brief instructions. Anyone not walking down the aisle will need to join the other guests.

We will then signal to our crew that we will be beginning.
Once everyone is ready, we will begin the processional.

We will then perform the ceremony and take your photos. It will take approximately an hour for the ceremony and photos. After that, it is time for you to go celebrate!

Bridal Party Line Up

Although we know how to properly line up bridal parties, sometimes our brides are curious about the proper way. Below is the “proper” way according to bridal etiquette. This is only a guideline. It is your wedding, and changes can be made. But please let us know about these changes ahead of time.
This will cut down on confusion on the day of your wedding.
(This chart will also be helpful for brides who are having their own Officiant and/or will not be using us to direct their weddings.)

• Groom and Best man are placed under the setup facing the guests.


• The Bridesmaids may or may not be accompanied by the Groomsmen to walk them down the aisle. You may choose for the groomsmen to join the groom and Best man prior to the processional and the bridesmaids walk by themselves. Either way is acceptable.
• The Maid of Honor walks down the aisle.
• The Ring Bearer walks down the aisle.
• The Flower Girl walks down the aisle.
The Flower Girl and Ring Bearer may walk together.
• The father or selected escort of the Bride walks the bride down the aisle


• Bride and Groom exit
• Flower Girl and Ring Bearer exit
• Maid of Honor and Best Man exit
• Bridesmaids, each accompanied by a Groomsman
• Wedding Guests exit


Music is an À la carte item and must be added to your package if it isn’t already included with your package. The cost is $75.
If you do not add it, there will be no music.

When you have music, we provide a special outdoor ipod player/amp and a person to run the player. The ipod player/amp is positioned on a tripod. We play “mood music” 20 minutes prior to the ceremony and after the ceremony while photos are being taken. We will play processional music for your bridal party. After you are pronounced “husband and wife”, we will then play recessional music.


Our photographer will take pictures immediately prior to, during and after the ceremony. The first group of photos directly after the ceremony is of the bridal party and family. The ideal way to accomplish this is to have a designated person that knows both families help the photographer to get everyone together.

Then we take the Bride and Groom by themselves to do more photos.
We love to do fun and interesting shots of the couple; however, if there is something you particularly want or don’t want, please let us know.

Online photo ordering! Order extra photos, enlargements,
Black and White/Color, Enhanced Editing, All Photos Download|Photo CD.

You will be sent a link to your online gallery once photos are ready.
Here family and friends can purchase photos from your special day.

Advanced Editing and All Photos Downloads are available on our website

**ALSO, with all correspondence, please include your names and wedding date. **

Beach Wedding Format

Giving away of Bride
Opening Ceremony
Exchange of “I Do’s”
Exchange of Wedding Vows
Exchange of Rings
Unity Heart of Glass
Family Promises (optional)
Hand Ceremony
Blessing Stones
Closing Ceremony

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