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And we love our magnificent Beach Ceremony Celebrations! You will love to go barefoot on the pristine sands of our amazing beaches – the Florida beaches that are consistently on the Top 10 lists of Best Beaches in the United States.

#1 – St. Pete Beach – Pass-a-Grille Beach (Gulf Coast) – PROS: Very clean; Sugar-like white sand; Very Private; Excellent parking; GORGEOUS sunsets | CONS: Public facilities centralized and can be a few blocks from ceremony site
#2 – St. Pete Beach – Treasure Island (Gulf Coast) – PROS: Very clean; Sugar-like white sand; Very private; GORGEOUS sunsets | CONS: Parking may be challenging for large weddings; public facilities two blocks away
#3 – Clearwater Beach (Gulf Coast) – PROS: Very clean; Sugar-like white sand; Close to everything (walking distance from ceremony spots to hotels and restaurants/reception venues); Trolley accessible; GORGEOUS sunsets | CONS: Limited public facilities (must utilize local businesses)
#4 – Cocoa Beach (Atlantic Ocean) – PROS: Clean; Amazing ocean and waves; plenty of FREE parking at our most utilized wedding spot, Close to Orlando and Theme Parks; Public facilities and covered picnic areas; AMAZING sunrises | CONS: Can be crowded during peak season, but we always set up away from people and most have left by the time your sunset wedding begins.
#5 – Ponce Inlet (Atlantic Ocean) – PROS: Clean; Amazing ocean and waves; FREE parking at our most utilized wedding spot; Public facilities and covered picnic areas; AMAZING sunrises | CONS: Semi-secluded (must drive to restaurants and shops).
#6 – Siesta Key (Gulf Coast) – PROS: Very clean; Sugar-like white sand; Public facilities, GORGEOUS sunsets | CONS: Very busy beach! Although very large, it can be difficult to get close to the water for the ceremony.

Clearwater and St. Pete Beaches – #5 on the Travel Channel’s 2013 list
and Travel Channel’s 2014 Best Beaches List

Siesta Key
Named Best Beach in the U.S. by TripAdvisor for 2015!
#2 on Trip Advisor’s Travelor’s Choice 2013 list and
#6 on National Geographics Top U.S. Family Beaches 2013

Choosing which beach on which to have your ceremony can be a difficult decision. Each beach has its own special flare. Some private, some hopping with activity. Which beach you choose depends on what you require and dream about for your personal day.

If you have a lot of guests, you will need to ensure that you have ample parking. Some of our brides and grooms have a lot of guests and need a lot of parking spaces available, while others would rather not pay a beach use fee. Others want a short walk to the ceremony area due to elderly guests attending the event. So many factors to consider…we will walk you through each one to find the best location for you.

Permit Fees: Most of the beaches that we service do not require a permit, but some do. Permit fees, if required, usually run from $50 to $250, depending on the location. Permit fees may be a consideration when choosing your event location. NOTE: Sand Key Park in Clearwater is a gorgeous beach with a beautiful jetty and is semi-private. The sand is gorgeous and very clean. Although exceptional and away from crowds, this park does require a $250 event permit fee for weddings. The park also has parking fees per car.

Parking fees: Of all our beach locations, 95% of them have paid parking – whether it be parking garages or metered parking (most common). If we are able, we can arrange with you to pay parking in advance at our beaches.  That way your guests are burdened with paying to enter a beach area or pay for parking spots. If commercial location and metered spaces, we will not be able to pre-arrange this, unless a parking lot is available and they allow pre-pay.

Following are our favorite spots for hosting your Florida beach wedding event:

florida beach wedding locations st pete beach florida beach wedding gulf coast
st pete beach florida beach wedding orlando florida beach wedding locationsBy far, the beaches of St. Petersburg, Florida
(St. Pete) and Clearwater
 are some of our most favorite spots in all of Central Florida. The Gulf Coast is a delight to host a destination beach wedding, commitment ceremony or vow renewal celebration!

The beaches are world-renowned for their clean, white sand and gorgeous water. And the Gulf Coast has many benefits that you can’t find on the Atlantic side of Florida. Because of its location, the waves are much more gentle, so the winds are much more accommodating. And who can talk about
Pass-a-Grille Beach and Treasure Island in St. Pete without giving note to those gorgeous sunsets…which make for amazing photographs!!

In addition to the St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Siesta Key beaches we just mentioned, we also host our couples in Sarasota, Bradenton and Tampa as well!
For these locations – once you choose one of these locations, we will have a discussion to pinpoint the perfect beach spot for your ultimate Florida Beach Wedding!

There are many beaches very close to Orlando. Cocoa Beach, one of the most popular beaches in Florida, is but a short drive from Orlando. As is Daytona Beach, home of Bike Week and the ultimate Spring Break destination. Both of these locations are an hour from Orlando and its large theme parks – Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and SeaWorld Orlando.

  florida beach wedding locations - disney 

florida beach wedding locations - universal

florida beach wedding locations canaveral port cruise

The PERFECT IDEA – a beautiful beach wedding followed by a honeymoon cruise that leaves out of Cape Canaveral. Weddings on a cruise ship can be expensive, and are troublesome for those guests wanting to attend the event but not the cruise. It’s a mad rush to get your guests on and off the boat, and can damper your special day. We have chosen a wonderful spot just minutes from the Cape Canaveral port. Exchange your vows, followed by a Cake Cutting Ceremony on the beach, then off to your cruise ship!

cocoa beach florida beach wedding locationsThe home of Ron Jon Surf Shop (the nation’s most popular place for surfing attire) also inspires a vibrant beach community with no end the activities a wedding here can offer. Dining on the beach is a must, and there is everything from white tablecloth elegance to fast food that will accommodate this. Cocoa Beach is also highly regarded for its waves. As one of the premier destinations for surfers in the state, many a surfing legend resides here. Surfers aren’t the only beachgoers here. Cocoa beach is also renowned for its dolphin sightings while the aquatic animals play in the surf. If you wanted to, you also have the capability of capturing a space shuttle launch as your union takes place.  This is a great place if your wedding or renewal is meant to be party minded!

cocoa beach florida beach wedding locations

Located on Florida’s Space Coast and a short ride from Orlando and its many amusement parks and exquisite art and cultural scene, Cocoa Beach is unique to any on the east Florida coastline. Known as the surfing capital of the East Coast, Cocoa Beach is the host to many surfing champions.  It’s perfection for those searching for amazing beaches and exciting nightlife, but also to the adventurous in learning about space travel at the Kennedy Space Center and Complex.

But nothing compares to the weather, as it lies within two climatic zones where weather usually avoids extremes. If you are looking for a synergy of private, romantic settings and lively nightlife, Cocoa Beach is your choice for your Florida Beach destination wedding!

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One of the most popular beaches in the world, Daytona Beach is a paradise destination for any wedding or elopement: from couples whose idea of fun is savoring the party scene while still hearing the ocean, to making the occasion a family event, and enjoying the water parks and beaches as a group. A lovely fun filled beach area comprised of ocean front everything, including parking (one of the few beaches in the world that lets you actually park ON the sand).

There is plenty of shopping, dining, hotels, and night-life all on the water.  After you are married, what better way is there to celebrate than taking laps at 120+ mph on America’s greatest road course at Daytona International Speedway with your new husband or wife?

TripAdvisor Vacation Information for Daytona Beach

daytona beach florida beach wedding locations

This is an ideal setting for your wedding where party and privacy want to be had in equal values. Close enough to enjoy all of the amenities of Daytona Beach, but far enough away to have a little bit of respite and peacefulness.  A lovely community where there is no beach traffic and far less pedestrian traffic as well.  Stroll along the streets with your soul mate and take in all of the boutiques that can be shopped or window-shopped in this quaint beach area that caters to those who delve into opulence.

ormond beach florida beach wedding locations

If a cruise is on your honeymoon itinerary, then this is the ideal location for your wedding.  With the port for several cruise lines a quick five minute drive from our beaches here, this is the perfect place to say “bon voyage” to friends and family after saying “I do” at your oceanside ceremony. You can spend the weekend partying with friends Cocoa Beach (5 minutes away), enjoy a blissful ceremony on the beach, and still be close enough to catch your boat when the time arrives.

canaveral port cruise florida beach wedding locations

A perfect idea – a beautiful beach wedding followed by a honeymoon cruise that leaves out of Cape Canaveral. Weddings on a cruise ship can be expensive, and are troublesome for those guests wanting to attend the event but not the cruise. It’s a mad rush to get your guests on and off the boat, and can damper your special day. We have chosen a wonderful spot just minutes from the Cape Canaveral port. Exchange your vows, followed by a Cake Cutting Ceremony on the beach, then off to your cruise ship!

This is a perfect beach to get married or elope away from hustle and bustle of a busy beach, but still have all of the amenities for a good time to be enjoyed by everyone at your wedding.  Located just minutes from Cocoa Beach, this hidden gem of Florida’s Space Coast allows you to enjoy the beaches with an additional level of privacy you can’t find at the bigger beaches along the Atlantic.  There are plenty of hotels and restaurants to facilitate a lovely wedding, but without the crowds that can sometimes make them a hassle.

satellite beach fl beach view florida beach wedding locations

We perform ceremonies at beach locations all over Florida, from St. Augustine to Satellite Beach, through Central Florida at the lakes, parks, gardens and private estates, and finally from Clearwater to Siesta Key on the beautiful Gulf Coast. As Two Hearts Better Together Weddings is a member of a fabulous network of sister companies, we can assist you with almost any location throughout Northeast, Central and Southeast Florida!

Some of our most popular locations are listed below. Travel fees apply for some locations:

      • Clearwater
      • St. Petersburg (St. Pete Beach) – Pass-a-Grille Beach
      • St. Petersburg (St. Pete Beach) – Treasure Island Beach
      • Cocoa Beach
      • Cape Canaveral
      • Daytona Beach
      • Indian Rocks Beach
      • Sarasota*
      • New Smyrna Beach
      • Palm Coast
      • Merritt Island
      • Vero Beach
      • St. Augustine Beach (travel fee)*
      • Vilano Beach (travel fee)*
      • Ponte Vedra (travel fee)*
      • Port St Lucie (travel fee)*
      • West Palm Beach (travel fee)*
      • Hollywood (travel fee)*
      • Ft. Lauderdale (travel fee)*

*For some of the locations that are a good distance from our home site, we will make the decision to book an event on a case-by-case basis as to whether it’s cost effective for our staff to travel for the certain smaller packages that we offer. We will make every effort to accommodate, including, but not limited to, booking another event the same day at that location, or incorporating your event in with a marketing venture. Please contact us to discuss Miami.

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