Wedding Photographers and Officiants --- Now Play Nice!

Wedding Photographers and Officiants are a staple of any wedding celebration – the civil officer who performs acts of marriage, civil union or commitment, and the creative mind that captures all the close and intimate moments. As you are envisioning your wedding day, would you ever imagine that there would be problem that arises between your Wedding Photographer and the Officiant?  Us neither…so we were so surprised when we caught this clip while watching our favorite morning show –

wedding minister officiant

As you watch it, you can’t help to feel sorry for the bride and groom…it was very uncomfortable and awkward. So can you imagine being there? Obviously, there was a lack of communication before the Ceremony on what was going to take place and when. You never want to have this type of alter-cation to happen, especially dab in the middle of your very special day. That’s why it is so important to ensure that all parties that are partaking in your wedding are kept adequately briefed.

Without clear instructions, you could end up like this bride and groom…shocked! It’s always good to review with your Minister the plan for the day – the wedding format. This is best done at the Wedding Rehearsal. We noticed that this is an outdoor lake or garden wedding. These types of events, which we specialize in, tend to be more relaxed. Make sure you Minister is OK with that. Sometimes marrying outside of a church can be a sore spot as is…just make sure your Officiant is relaxed as well and is accepting.

A little bit of planning and communication between the minister, photographers and couple might have helped avoid this whole mess – don’t leave out any details when you are preparing for your special day, because there are no take-twos!

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