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We have designed this page to create a simple Florida beach wedding planning process for our clients. Follow this guide and you will find the process easy and fun, and much less stressful.

If you have questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact us and we’ll walk you through it!

Why us? Trust. We have been hosting Florida beach weddings since 2006. What makes us different is that we do not add on additional or “premium” fees for number of guests or if you have your ceremony on certain days of the week. Our prices are upfront and straight-forward and are incredibly competitive to many other companies. And our attention to detail makes us a cut above the rest. We use quality products such as chairs that hold 300 pounds, premium flowers on our setup sprays, and much more!

And our staff love what they do! You are guaranteed a fun and personable staff.

We are also very accessible…most of our planning with our clients takes place in the evening. Our offices are open until 9pm, seven days a week. 


During the planning process, you can always contact us by email (preferred)
or by phone at 407.900.8207.


You will want to begin by choosing a date for your ceremony and securing that date on our calendar. Dates fill up quickly, especially on Fridays and weekends, so it is important that you reserve your date as soon as soon as possible. We can reserve your date a year or more in advance. Last-minute ceremonies are welcome as well! Use the link below to make your deposit.


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Want to make sure your date is available before making your deposit? Most likely it is…we have several teams in each beach community to host ceremonies.


We have designed several all-inclusive beach wedding packages from which to choose - many choices to accommodate many different styles, tastes and pocketbooks. Each package offers different components that make that package unique. All of our packages are interchangeable between our different types of ceremonies – Florida beach weddings, beach elopements, beach commitment ceremonies, beach engagements and beach vow renewals. And unlike other beach wedding companies, none of our packages restrict the amount of guests you can have at your ceremony…you may have as many guests as you would like for all packages (guest count can affect permit amount). Packages can be customizedvisit our Packages and Special Touches page for details.

If you cannot find a package you like, let us know. If you see a wedding package on another site with another company that we do not offer, let us know. If we can do it, we will…and we will beat their price! Please let us know if you have a special fondness for a package but have suggestions on how to customize it and make it your own. We will consider every request and honor it if possible.

Once you choose your package, there will be details that require further decisions, such as arch types, sash colors, flower choices for upgraded or additional bouquets, etc. We will work with you to ensure that all details are complete before your special day!


To customize each package and make it your own, please visit our Special Touches page for unique additions to add to each package. This page will also give detailed descriptions of each of these touches. This is your chance to add those things to your wedding that stand out from others.

We always recommend music as an essential special touch. Seating is also very important and can be added to any of the packages where it is not included.

Although we do not charge based on guest count, some special touches are priced based on the number of your guests, such as guestbook stones, beach ball exit toss and the cake cutting ceremony.


Please read the following…it’s long, but important.

We host ceremonies on both the east and west coast in Central Florida, including the communities of St. Pete Beach, Clearwater Beach, Cocoa Beach and Daytona Beach. All beaches are public and open to the public. We will consider beach communities outside of these areas. Travel fees may apply and are reserved for specific beaches with extended travel distances and not added on for local beaches mentioned above. Please note that many of our competitors are charging their clients a fee for hosting ceremonies on beaches located in their own service area and are adding these hidden fees into their beach permit costs. We will never hide anything from our clients and always include the client in the permit procurement process.

Sunset beach weddings is a plus for ceremonies hosted on the Gulf Coast beaches of Florida. Our favorites are Passe-a-Grille Beach and Sunset Beach, both located in St. Pete Beach. We highly recommend these two locations for the sugar-like cleanliness of the sand and the jaw-dropping sunsets! Things to consider when choosing a location is privacy of the beach, parking availability, access to facilities, cleanliness and proximity to your reception location. Clearwater is gorgeous and definitely recommended but on busy weekends can be a challenge to get to and finding parking. Parking is almost always paid in all beach locations and your guests should be diligent in arriving with enough time to find parking and purchase a parking permit from the automated machines located at each beach location.

What about crowds…are we going to have bikini and thongs in our photos? We get this question all the time! Our professional photographers are trained to shoot around the crowds and we always set up away from any groups or background structures. You may see these things in the photos that are taken during your ceremony as we cannot move the site once we install your setup, but those things are usually in the distance and blurred. Again, our photographers know their stuff and are skilled in working around these distractions. We rarely have issues with anyone interfering with a ceremony and the site where we set up. For your photo session after the ceremony, we set up you and your guest in a manner to avoid these issues. Passe-a-Grille is the most private and is away from high-rise buildings and large crowds.

Cocoa and Daytona Beaches have all of the pleasures of a traditional beach community, with the pounding waves of the ocean as a backdrop for your ceremony. These are also very popular Florida tourist destinations, especially during holiday weekends and spring break.

Remember to choose your location early, because a permit may be required, and it could take up to 45 days to complete the permit process.

Please review our beach locations page for the many options where we host our ceremonies and any permit or travel fees that apply to each location.


Now that you have reviewed the packages and found what you like, it’s time to get the ball rolling! We ask you to complete the online reservation form. Here is where you will provide us your choices for your big day! Found on this website under the "Book Your Event" tab, the reservation form must be completed and submitted along with your deposit (if not already submitted) in order to secure your wedding date and time on our calendar.

Don’t worry if you’re not 100% sure about the details - you have up to 60 days out from your event to make changes. Pick as much or as little as you like today. And, of course, you can add more options up to the date of your event, if available.

Please contact our experienced wedding planners at any time if you have questions.


Once we have received your completed reservation form and deposit, we will draft your service agreement and email it to you. Please review it carefully to ensure we included all of your choices. You will then sign the agreement electronically…no need to print and scan it back to us. It’s 2021, not 1985! Once signed, you will be emailed a final copy of the signed agreement once our office has provided our signature as well.

Once we have received your signed service agreement, we will schedule your initial consultation to review your entire agreement with you and explain how the planning process will work moving forward and what you need to know for the day of your event. And to answer all of your questions. Remember that we will have another phone consultation closer to your event to review any changes made since booking and provide day-of details to you once again, and to answer any questions you may have.

As always, you are allowed unlimited emails, so if you have a question, please reach out! If you have a quick question and need an answer, give us a call!

Permit fees do apply for many of the beach locations. Please review our locations page for descriptions of each beach location and any permit or travel fees that apply to each location. As we mentioned before, we will include our clients in the permit procurement process and will walk you though the process.

It’s important to secure the permit immediately. Some beaches limit the number of weddings that can be held on a single day, and some require you to submit your application 30 days in advance. If you have a last-minute ceremony, don’t worry! We can always work with the clerks of these towns to secure a location for your event.

No permit fees for Cocoa Beach! If you want a more secluded experience with much nicer beaches, consider the Gulf Coast communities of St. Pete and Clearwater.

If you haven’t decided on your exact location as of yet, please notify us as soon as you decide so we can get the permit process started! Don’t wait!

You can now relax a bit...we will take it from here!

Now that you’ve gotten the bulk of the planning out of the way, what now? It depends on the amount of time until your ceremony date. Our final consultations will begin about 60 days out from your event, so you may not hear from us until then, especially for events booked many months in advance. But we are here for you! You can email and call anytime to check in, to make adjustments/changes/addon, or just to tell us how excited you are for your big day! And to let us know how much you love us!

For last minute bookings (less than 60 days out from your event), your service agreement will be your final agreement with no changes or cancellations to be made.

Your final consultation to review all of your details again and to refresh your memory about what will happen on the day of your event (when to show up, where to show up, who does what, etc.) will be scheduled at 2-4 weeks out from your event. If any changes had been made to your agreement since the original was signed, you will be sent a revised agreement for signature.

Upon receiving the service agreement
Please review the service agreement carefully and sign it electronically. If the contract is not returned within ten (10) days from its effective date, this contract will be considered null and void.

Deposit payment (minimum $300)

Once the service agreement is signed and filed,
Permit applications must be submitted with payment

Due 90 days prior to your event date!
1/3 balance payment

Due 60 days prior to your event date!
Décor/setup/special touches choices and any package modifications
Vow, Music and Flower Choices
1/3 balance payment

Due 30 days prior to your event date!
Final balance payment

Complete and return the online Event Details Form. which provides us with information important to your special day. This includes your day-of-ceremony contact info, bridal party information. A link to this form is provided to you via email.

Due by the date of your event!
Have your marriage license in hand
Have your permit in hand (if applicable)


Additional items can be added up to the date of your event, if available.

Mark your calendars for payment due dates - a $100 per day fee
will be assessed for each day the midpoint and final payment is late.

Deposit payments are paid at the time of booking and are non-refundable.
Balance payments are non-refundable once paid and are due according to the following schedule:

90 days out from your event – 1/3 of the balance
60 days out from your event – 1/3 of the balance
30 days out from your event – remaining balance due

For last minute events (less than 90 days out from your ceremony date), the deposit and 1/3 of your balance will be due at the time of booking.

For last minute events (less than 60 days out from your ceremony date), the deposit and 2/3 of your balance will be due at the time of booking.

For last minute events (less than 30 days out from your ceremony date), the deposit and the entire balance will be due at the time of booking.

In special circumstances, we can offer flexibility with this payment plan. Discuss this with your wedding planner if applicable.

Deposits may be applied to postponements but are not transferable to other parties. Postponements may be up to 3 months from originally scheduled ceremony. After that, a new deposit and service agreement are needed. Within the thirty (30) days prior to the schedule date of your event, no refunds will be provided.

Mark your calendars for payment due dates - a $100 per day fee will be assessed for each day the midpoint and final payment is late.


For our Better Together couples choosing our wedding or beach elopement ceremony and getting married in the state of Florida, a marriage license is required to make your marriage legal and recognized in every state. Couples choosing a commitment ceremony or vow renewal are not required to obtain a license. The ceremonies are the same for either...just one has a lot less paperwork!

All of the information regarding marriage licenses can be found on our website by following the link below, including the option of obtaining your license by mail (for a fee).

Requirements for marriage licenses may differ by county and are different dependent upon where you reside, so read the information carefully. Marriage licenses are good for 60 days once issued.

You must obtain a marriage license before the event!
Please visit our website for information on obtaining your marriage license - https://bettertogetherweddings.com/planning/marriage-licenses/

These details will be discussed in detail with you via the final consultation.
Things to remember:

Have the permit available if needed.

Please have a backup plan for inclement weather – this will have already been discussed with you during planning. Please have the ability to contact your guests if times/locations have to be changed. Details about this can be found in your service agreement.

Please be on time and ready to begin at the ceremony start time.

It is VERY important to be punctual, especially for “sunset” ceremonies. If you are more than 30 mins late from the start time of your event listed in your contract AND it is due to circumstances that can be attributed to you or your guests, you will be assessed a late fee. We hate to do this, but enforcement allows us to keep to our schedule and avoid additional expenses for extended staff and vendor time. This is also described in detail in your service agreement and will be strictly enforced.

Guest should arrive at the ceremony site no earlier than 30 mins out from the start of your ceremony. This allows us to do photographs of your setup prior to your guests disturbing the area.

In cases where there are multiple weddings on the beach that day, look for your personalized sign at the entrance of your ceremony site. It will have your name on it (doesn’t apply to smaller packages)

Don’t forget your rings!

Vows are repeat after the officiant, so no need to memorize them prior to your day. Of course, you can always print them out if you prefer to read them to each other and not repeat after the officiant. Wait…we have something for that!

MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE – read about this very popular special touch!

If you have your own officiant, that person will be coordinating your event and we will simply be support, if needed. You should have discussed the ceremony, vows and process for the ceremony with that person. If you choose to have the sand and blessing stone ceremony, he/she will have to incorporate that into their ceremony.

BRING WITH YOU THE MARRIAGE LICENSE and provide to the Officiant. The officiant will immediately sign it after the ceremony and either return to you to file with the court or take with him/her and mail back to the court from which it was obtained. You have already indicated in your service agreement whether we will file it for you or you will return it on your own. If you obtained your license by mail, this is not applicable and will be mailed for you.

We may ask to meet you once we arrive in the beach community to deliver your bouquet, if possible and if applicable.

If you chose for us to return the signed marriage license, it could take up to 6 weeks (usually 2-4 weeks) to receive your certified marriage certificate in the mail. Please allow the appropriate time before inquiring of its status. If you have questions about this, you will need to call the Marriage License Department where you applied.

If you choose to return the signed license in person, you should return to the same Clerk of Courts from which you obtained it. You will receive your official marriage certificate immediately (you’re married! - no running now) and all information you will need in order to change your name, etc.

Marriage license are only valid for 10 days following the ceremony, so please don’t forget to return it to the Clerk.

4 weeks from your ceremony date - Photographs will be available. A link will be sent to you by email and a password for you to download the photos. The link can be sent to family and friends for viewing, but the are unable to download.

You may receive a request to review your experience. We would be so very grateful if you would consider writing a review for Better Together Weddings and publishing it on social media/wedding review sites. Five Stars on these sites would be so generous, and much appreciated! The reviews are so important for prospective clients when choosing their wedding planner. But please let us know, though, if we didn't earn that five-star rating, as we strive for the utmost in client satisfaction.

Questions? Contact one of our friendly event planners! 407.900.8207 or info@bettertogetherweddings.com. Better Together Weddings is a proud member of the Two Hearts Network, Two Hearts Events and Two Hearts Catering.


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