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florida marriage licenseFor our Better Together couples choosing our wedding ceremony and getting married in the state of Florida, a marriage license is required to make your marriage legal and recognized in every state. Couples choosing a commitment ceremony or vow renewal are not required to obtain a license.

Couples marrying in Florida can obtain a license from any county in the state, regardless of where you get married in Florida. Please note that if you choose to return the marriage license to the Clerk of Court in person, you must return it to the same clerk from which it was obtained. Florida residents have a waiting period of three (3) days (even if only one of you reside in Florida), but for the brides and grooms of Better Together Weddings that live outside of Florida, the state has simplified the process by eliminating the waiting period. Out-of-state residents can obtain a license the same day – they just have to make sure they arrive in time to visit the courthouse during regular working hours – Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Both the bride and groom must apply in person, together at the Clerk of the Court. Both must be 18 years of age or have a parent with them to sign consent, and both must have a valid (not expired) State issued photo ID (driver’s license). If either the bride or groom has been divorced within the past six (6) months, they must bring a copy of their divorce decree. If it has been more than six (6) months, the clerk will want to know the County/State and date the divorce was finalized. Of course there is a fee – $93.50 for Florida, but no blood tests!

This information isn’t intended to be final and inclusive, so confirm the requirements of each county before you decide on which Clerk to visit to obtain the license.

Here is a link to a complete list of the Florida Clerk of Court Offices –

Florida Clerk of Courts Offices

Just in case we missed anything –

State of Florida Marriage License Info

Unfortunately, we cannot obtain the marriage license for you. Florida law requires that the couple appear together in person.  But for a fee, there is a service that will obtain the license for you and coordinate directly with us. Information on this service can be found at the bottom of this page.

On your wedding day, we will ask you to bring the marriage license with you to the ceremony and present it to the Officiant prior to the ceremony. Once we have it, there’s nothing more for you to do. The Officiant will sign the license and mail it back to the Clerk of Courts for you. The Clerk’s office will then mail you a certified copy – the standard amount of time is within two (2) weeks, but could take up to four (4) weeks. If you have questions about this, you will need to call the Marriage License Department where you applied.

In many cases, such as military and international couples or for insurance purposes, couples will ask to take the license with them. We do encourage this – the Officiant will sign it after the ceremony and return it to you, but it will be your responsibility to return it to the Clerk of Courts. It must be returned to the same Clerk of Courts from which it was obtained. Marriage licenses are only valid for ten (10) days after your ceremony and they need to be handled immediately.

Marriage Licenses by Mail

Florida Marriage License by Mail is a convenient service offered to out-of-state residents for obtaining your marriage license prior to your wedding day. Forego having to travel to a local courthouse in a rush on the same day you fly in…who needs the hassle?! It’s one more thing off your to do list.

Florida Marriage License by Mail

Following is another company that offers Florida marriage licenses by mail – click on the link to view their website:

Married by Mail

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