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Please find links to the following:

Wedding Information Page – information about how the process works and day-of-event details. Many of these details are listed in the FAQs and on our website.

Your Ceremony Options – this page has a list of vow suggestions, choices for arbors, arches, kissing balls, tiki torches | bamboo poles, rattan lanterns, aisles and sash colors to assist in making the final decisions for your wedding day.

Wedding Details Form – You will use this online form to submit Your Ceremony Options detailed above – choices for arbors, arches, sash colors, etc. This form will also provide us day of wedding contact info, number of attendants and other important day-of-event details. All couples must complete this form. Many items in this form may not be applicable to you…depending on your package or décor preferences. Please fill out what is applicable and submit at least fourteen (14) days prior to your event date.


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